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Cloud Engineer

Nginx Ingress

Evaluate different approaches to rewrite the URI based on the subdomain of Nginx Ingress

Sometimes you may need to use a wild card domain name in the Nginx ingress and route traffic by rewriting the URI based on the subdomain name. For example, consider wildcard domain *;

If we use the default Nginx server, this is pretty much straight forward and you can simply use the following code block in order to rewrite the URI based on the subdomain.

But when it comes to the Nginx ingress it’s not the case. It’s difficult to generate the above configuration using the…

“Everything is a file”

This is one of the key concepts that drove the Unix operating system to the success. A file provides a common abstraction to the wide range of I/O resources such as documents, directories, hard-drives, CD-Roms, modems, keyboards, printers, monitors, terminals and even some inter-process and network communications.

•Your computer memory is a file object located in /dev/mem.
•Your first hard disk is a file object located in /dev/sda.
(Note that Linux kernel is responsible for exposing those information to use as a file.)


The inode (index node) is a data structure in a Unix-style file system…

Machine learning has become mainstream in big data analysis and improving exponentially breaking lot of barriers with the help of modern computation capability. As the vast popularity of Internet of Things, large amount of data is acquired over time. Instead of waiting until the data is collected, streaming data analysis bring us a great opportunity to analyse and predict the data on the spot. When the data change over the time streaming analysis adapt and scale when it’s impractical to store raw data and while persist on smaller and focused representation.

Batch Processing vs Streaming

Batch processing is used for…

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